No-one can predict the future. But you can prepare for it by making good financial choices. For this reason it is important that you know how much pension you will be getting. Also because it might be less than you expect.

Your UPS shows you how much pension you have built up. And also how much it can become. All pension funds and pension insurance companies use the same overview, to make it easy for you to compare them. If you are no longer employed, then you will receive a UPS once every five years. Former employees with a pension scheme in which the amount of benefit they will receive has not yet been fixed will receive a UPS once every year, starting at the age of 60.

The UPS shows you the amount of your expected pension benefit or the capital on retirement. The UPS also gives details of benefits in the event of death and occupational disability. So the purpose of the UPS is to give you more information about your pension. 

UPS: understanding your income for later

The information contained in your UPS, together with the renewed Income Planner in Mijn Delta Lloyd gives you an even better understanding of your income for later.

Mijn Delta Lloyd

Will my future pension be enough?

Your Uniform Pension Statement shows how much pension you are building up. But, of course, it’s all about the total amount you will have to spend later. And whether that will be sufficient.

Pension statements from other employers

Have you also built up a pension with other employers? If so, you will receive a Uniform Pension Statement (UPS) for this once every five years. You will receive this statement from your pension insurance company or pension fund. At 
you will find a total overview of all your gross pension entitlements. You will need your DigiD to log in.

Find your answer in the frequently asked questions

  • Why have I not received an UPS yet?

    Each active member receives a UPS annually for their current employer’s pension scheme. Starting this year, beneficiaries will also receive this statement annually. You will receive pension statements (former member) for previous employers’ pension schemes once every five years. The Uniform Pension Statement will be made available at various points in 2017. 
    September: UPS for employees
    November: UPS for former members
    December: UPS for ex-partners

  • Other questions
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