The Uniform Pension Statement (UPS)

How much pension will I recieve?

Nobody can predict the future. But you can prepare by making important financial decisions and so it's important to know how much pension you will receive. Not least because it might be less than you are expecting.

Delta Lloyd Uniform Pensioen Overzicht

Information on your pension

Our video 'A guide to your pension statement' deals with your personal situation. It will take you through your pension statement in just 5 minutes, so that you will quickly have information about you pension.

You can also use the following tools to help you with your pension statement:

Will I have enough pension in the future?

Your Uniform Pension Statement shows the pension you have built up with your current employer. But, of course, what you want to know is how much you will have available to spend. And if it will be enough. And so we explain how you can get more information on your full pension.

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