When should you take action?

Your employer will inform Delta Lloyd of any changes in your work situation. In some cases you should inform your employer of changes in your private situation yourself. Your employer will then inform Delta Lloyd of this change.

Your pension may be affected by changes in your situation, so it is important that you take action when certain events occur.

Have you just started your Personal Pension Plan?

Start by reading your pension introductory letter. Your pension introductory letter and Pension Services Online show you your possible options. Depending on the choices made by your employer, you can then:

  • Determine how much investment risk you want to take. Using the Profile Determinant [PDF] you can determine what suits you best. We invest your contribution for you by default. When you start the Personal Pension Plan we do not know your investment profile. This is why you invest in the Neutral Lifecycle by default. Perhaps you would like to invest with more or less risks. Using the profile picker, you can determine what suits you best.
  • If your employer gives you the option to handle your own pension investment portfolio, you can indicate on this Choice of Fund [PDF] form which investment funds you want to invest in.
  • Choose to use (part of) the contribution to build up (accrue) a guaranteed pension. You can do this using the pension planner in Pension Services Online.
  • Opt for a disability pension or a ANW gap insurance. You can do this using the pension planner in Pension Services Online.

Have you come from, or are you leaving to join, a different employer?

  • You can transfer the value build up in your old pension scheme to your Personal Pension Plan.
  • To do so, you should fill in the 'Application form for transfer of accrued pension rights (value transfer)' [PDF] .
  • If you want to transfer the pension rights in your Personal Pension Plan to a different pension administrator? You should fill in your new pension administrator’s application form for transfer, and send it to them.
  • You must apply for a value transfer within six months of starting your new job.
  • Your new pension administrator will then contact your previous pension administrator for details of the pension you have already built up. This will happen within one month.
  • Your new pension administrator will send you a quote. You can expect to receive this about four months after your new pension administrator contacted your previous administrator. The quote will tell you the transfer value, which is how much pension will be transferred into your new scheme in exchange for the pension you had already built up.
  • The quote will give you the information you need to decide whether to apply for a value transfer. You have two months to make a decision. You may want to ask a financial adviser for advice. Please note: financial advice is not free. Your adviser will charge you for their services.
  • Your pension administrator will wait for you to sign and return the quote before proceeding with the transfer.\
  • You need take no action if you are happy to leave your built up pension in your previous scheme.

Are you about to retire?

  • Ask the HR department where you work about your options. Your pension introductory letter also explains these options. Or go to Pension Services Online for more information.
  • You should discuss your choices with your employer and your financial adviser.
  • Six months before your retirement date you will receive an application form for your pension from Delta Lloyd. You fill in your choices on the form. If you intend to retire early, then you must inform Delta Lloyd at least six months before your intended retirement date.

Are you and your partner about to start living together?

  • Please register your partner with your employer.

Are you moving house?

  • Please inform your employer of your new address.

Are you getting divorced, ending a registered partnership, or no longer living with your partner?

Make arrangements with your ex-partner about the division of the pension.

Please fill in the '(Mededeling scheiding in verband met verdeling ouderdomspensioen' form Notification of Divorce in Relation to Old-age Pension Division form, Dutch only) and send it to Delta Lloyd. This should be done within two years after the divorce.

Delta Lloyd will arrange the division of your pension.

You need to keep an eye on your pension

It is important that you regularly check your pension situation. By checking your pension situation at least once a year, you can prevent unpleasant surprises, and you can take action if necessary. This is how you can keep an eye on your pension:

  • For example, when you receive the Uniform Pension Statement (UPS) from Delta Lloyd. You receive the UPS every year around September.
  • Using Pension Services Online you can see the value of your investments with Delta Lloyd and benefit from the pension planner. Very convenient, as you can directly see the effects of various choices you can make.
  • Would you like an overview of all your built up (accrued) pensions, including the old-age pension? Then log in at www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl using your DigiD.