Pension Services Online: insight into your pension

Pensioen Services Online
If you want to know where you’re going, you need to know where you are first
  • Overview current pension situation
  • Immediately calculate future scenarios
  • View all important pension documents online

Have you received a letter?

Have you received a letter from Delta Lloyd about Pension Services Online? Please go to the registration website to activate your Pension Services Online. Use your BSN number when the registration site asks for your 'activatie code'.

Pension Services Online

Pension Services Online offers you the possibility to view your built up (accrued) pension online. The explanation video's tell you when you need to take action and inform you of the risks involved. You can also use the pension planner. This is a useful tool which gives you clear insight into your pension. You can directly and easily see what your situation will be later on, and what the effects would be if you were to adjust your pension.

You can easily access your Pension Services Online via your desktop, tablet and smartphone

To log into Pension Services Online you will need a password and username. You will receive a message from Delta Lloyd on how to activate your Pension Services Online and receive your login information.

More information

  • View the answers to frequently asked questions (Dutch only).
  • Do you have another question? Please contact your adviser.
  • You can also contact our Customer Service Desk by calling +31 (0)20 594 2669 or by sending an e-mail. You can reach the Customer Service Desk on working days between 08.30 and 17.30.

Log into Pension Services Online

Registered users can log in to Pension Services Online.

Pensioen Services Online

What can I do with the pension planner?

This video (in Dutch only) will show you what you can do within Pension Services Online.