Your Balanced Pension Plan

Your employer has chosen Delta Lloyd’s Balanced Pension Plan as your pension scheme. What is the Balanced Pension Plan? What choices and options do you have? And what has been arranged for you?

What is the Balanced Pension Plan?

The Balanced Pension Plan is a pension scheme into which your employer makes a contribution every year. You then use the contribution to buy a guaranteed pension. With a guaranteed pension the amount of pension you receive when you retire is fixed in advance. The actual pension amount depends on the total contributions paid in. Note that the pension you purchase is nominal. If your pension is not increased from time to time, it will gradually lose some of its purchasing power. Refer to your pension introductory letter to see if we adjust your pension in line with inflation.

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What has been arranged for you?

The following arrangements are always part of your Balanced Pension Plan:

1. old-age pension for yourself;
2. partner’s pension, if applicable;
3. orphan’s pension;
4. waiver of contribution in the event of occupational disability.

Depending on the choices made by your employer, the following have also been arranged for you in your Balanced Pension Plan:

5. disability pension;
6. Surviving Dependants Act shortfall pension.

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Risks and your pension

Many factors affect how much pension you will receive when you retire. The amount could be affected by changes in your personal life or at work. There are also circumstances that are outside your control.

What risks affect your pension?

When should you take action?

Changes in your situation may affect the amount of your pension. Therefore it is wise to review your pension from time to time. Your employer will inform Delta Lloyd of any changes in your work situation. In some cases you should inform your employer of changes in your personal life yourself. Your employer will then pass on this information to Delta Lloyd.

Situations in which you should take action yourself