Arrange additional pension yourself

You yourself can choose whether or not to arrange additional pension. Do you think that the pension you will receive will not be sufficient? Would you like to stop working earlier? Or did you build up (accrue) less pension due to a divorce or by changing jobs? Then it may be wise to arrange additional pension. A financial adviser can advise you on this.

How can you arrange additional pension yourself?

Within the Personal Pension Plan you can choose to build up (accrue) additional pension. Ask your employer about the possibilities. For advice, please contact a financial adviser. An independent financial adviser will help you with your choices and options. Please note! Financial advice is not free. Your adviser will charge you for their services. The Financiële Bijsluiter [PDF] (financial information leaflet, Dutch only) is available for this option.

What can you do?

Tax-efficient bank savings scheme

With a tax-efficient bank savings scheme, you can save money for later. The money which you set aside is tax-deductible under certain conditions. In this case you will have a tax advantage. Delta Lloyd offers options for a tax-efficient bank savings scheme. Do you lack the financial possibilities to set aside additional money for your pension? Then you can also take action in other ways.

Keep working longer

The later you retire, the higher your annual pension income will be. Did you lack the resources to arrange additional pension? Then you can choose to keep working longer. Consult your employer about the possibilities.


Paying off your mortgage will reduce your housing expenses later on. This will result in you needing less pension income later on or the possibility to set aside additional money for your pension.

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What can you do for your partner?

What will be your partner's financial situation in the event of your death? Does your partner have their own income and will it be sufficient? If this is not the case, you can arrange an income for your partner in the event of your death. This is a term life insurance.