Wind Energy

Delta Lloyd belongs in the top 3 in the European Insurance market for on- and offshore wind energy projects, both construction and operational

Offshore windenergy
  • Over 25 years of experience in renewable energy
  • International track record, to date 6.500 MW insured
  • A dedicated team of specialists in offshore wind; combined knowledge of engineering, Loss-handling and underwriting.
  • Single point of contact, transparent underwriting
  • 'Cradle to grave' coverage

Insurance of offshore wind energy projects

Offshore wind energy is the generation of electricity by wind turbines on sea. The installation of these “wind farms”  is complex because of the harsh and complex environment. Delta Lloyd has been involved with the insurance aspect of wind farms since the very first Turbines were built offshore.

Experience tells us that most wind farms will be damaged over time. The main cause of damage is damage to cables, representing 40% of the amount of claims and 85% of the total damage costs. The insurance of these complex projects requires customized insurance policies with the knowledge of experts. Delta Lloyd has combined this knowledge of engineers , underwriters and Loss handling in the Offshore Wind Team.

Our clients?

Delta Lloyd’s main focus of insuring offshore wind energy projects is to make sure investors, developers, contractors, owners and operators of wind turbines are insured against any kind of physical loss to their property and investments. Amongst our clients are all major manufacturers and suppliers.

What is insured?

The insurance of wind farms is a customized process. Delta Lloyd can insure these wind farms for their full lifespan, from the start of construction until the end of it’s lifespan. We offer  build & operate coverage specified for individual projects. 

Marine-Transit/Delay in Start Up
 For physical losss during transport and possible delays of the project caused by these transport physical losss.

Construction All-Risks / Delay in start up
Physical losss caused by external factors at the construction (like storms and impact by lightning). Also insured are design flaws, construction flaws and material flaws. Possible delays of the project because of these flaws are insured as well.

Operational All-Risks / Business interruption
Physical losss by inherent defect(s) and external factors during the operational phase.Possible consequential loss because of business interruption as a result of an insured physical loss.

Third Party Liability / General Liability
Physical losss by inherent defect(s) and external factors during the operational phase.Possible consequential loss becausThird party liability for  losses caused by the exploitation of the wind farm. e of business interruption as a result of an insured physical loss.

What is not insured?

Although the insurance for offshore wind has an all-risk profile, some causes are not insured. The following causes are not insured:

- Physical loss under warranty obligations, however consequential loss caused by this kind of physical loss is insured.
- Gradual deterioration by normal use with causes like corrosion and wear, however consequential loss caused by gradual deterioration is insured.
- Catastrophe Risks, such as armed conflicts and nuclear reactions.

More information about the insurance of wind energy projects

If you have any questions regarding the insurance of wind energy projects, don't hestitate to contact us. You can contact the Offshore Wind team of Delta Lloyd.

Our experts in renewable energy

Our experts in renewable energy have 25 years of experience in insurance of complex projects. There is a lot of experience, technical knowledge and know how required for renewable energy projects. Our experts will gladly help you with advice and risk management consultation concerning the  insurance of your project(s).

Offshore Windteam
Willem Schrijver Underwriting Manager
Elkhadir El Hammdaoui  Underwriting Specialist, 
Specialised in Operational Risks
Andries Veldstra  Underwriting Specialist,
Specialised in Construction Risks
Geerhard van der Laan Senior Claims Handler

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